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October 2014 – Desktop Background

Happy Fall Y’all!
Can you believe its already October 1st?! Seriously where
did this year go! Its going to be Christmas before you know it!

I’m very excited to share a new project I’ve been working on.
Every month I will post FREE desktop background calendar
images for y’all to use!


This month “Fall” Themed background can be downloaded
by just clicking the link below.
Just choose the size of your background (below by clicking the number),
save the image to your computer (or drag to your desktop) and add them as your desktop background
image and enjoy!!

Pumpkin October Background
1200×800     1440×900   2560×1400   iPad


Our Birth Story

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.07.28 PM
Okay ya’ll so I’ve been slacking on the blog a bit, but it’s because I’ve spent the
last month with this little beauty! Annabelle Marie Haley was born on August 25th at 8:47 a.m.
8 pounds 8 ounces and 21 inches long
absolute perfection

Alright so first off let me start off by saying that we tried EVERYTHING once we passed my due date!
You name it, we tried it!
*spicy food
*mexican / italian food
*acupressure (pressure points)
*bouncing on the ball
*breast pump
*black & blue cohosh herbs
*and yes we had sex
Little Annabelle was not budging

I couldn’t believe that my due date had come and gone and nope, no signs of labor!
But I knew the average birth is usually 41 weeks, so we waited.
Longest 2 weeks of my life! I went in on Friday August22nd and I was only 2cm, so my midwife
scheduled an induction for Sunday August 24th.
I thought surely I would be in labor before then.

Well Sunday morning rolled around and we headed to the hospital at 7:00am.
(Morning of with my Mother in law and Grandmother in law)

My midwife knew how badly we wanted to do all natural, so we started with just breaking my water at 9:30am.
David and I had taken 12 weeks of The Bradley Birth classes, so we felt confident we could have
an all natural hospital birth. We felt very well educated on knew all of our options.
Things started out great! I was having some mild contractions and my doula, and David walked the halls with me.
I would squat down during a contraction and breathe through it.
At this point the contractions were very mild. The hours passed pretty quickly, we were talking and laughing
in between contractions.


A couple of hours later, it must have been around noon or 2:00pm, the contractions started picking up,
about every 2 minutes. I would really have to focus and stay relaxed through them. I was feeling very confident because
I felt like we were really progressing! And every contraction was one step closer to our baby! Our midwife and birth
team was great, they let me walk the halls and have a portable monitor. Walking really helped and helped keep me calm.
I had very intense back labor, so my doula would rub my lower back for EVERY contraction! OMG I couldn’t have done
it without her or David! It made such a difference to have her rubbing my back.


Okay so this is where I lose track of the exact times, so bear with me as I  recall the rest of the birth.
Somewhere around 10-12 hours of labor, I was definitely feeling it! Things were getting VERY intense.
I was having a hard time staying relaxed BUT David was amazing! Kept me calm through every contraction!
The bradley classes helped so much! I really used ALL of our techniques, changed positions, abdominal breathing,
eyes closed, focused on our baby. I couldn’t have done it without these techniques.

Okay so I was feeling pretty good at this point, I felt like we were really getting somewhere! I had to be at least
a 6 or 7! Not much longer?! Right? So my midwife checked me, I think I was about 4cm dilated. This was SUPER discouraging!
I thought surely I was further along.BUT David reassured me it takes a while, and getting to 5cm usually takes the longest.
So I kept focusing on my breathing and staying very relaxed. We had all the lights down low and worship music playing.
It was honestly an AMAZING intimate time. I have never felt closer to David than during our labor! He was an
AMAZING coach and really helped me the whole time!


After a couple more hours of laboring in different positions, the contractions starting getting SUPER intense!
I’m talking like OMG i’ve never felt anything like this, my body is super exhausted, I don’t think I can go on,
intense! This was probably around 15-16 hours of labor. The exhaustion really started to catch up with me.
I had only eaten a banana and some red jello, I was starting to get SO tired! It was at this point, that I
started asking for an epidural. I remember saying “David I just can’t do this anymore!”
After breathing through a couple more contractions, we decided the tub might be
the next best solution.

So I got in the tub, and immediately I felt so much better! The water really felt amazing, and
helped calm me back down. BUT after a couple more contractions, I couldn’t get over how intense the
pain was. I thought surely this is transition, I’ve got to be 9 or 10 cm! This was around 18 hours, and I was starting
to think the end was in sight! After an hour in the tub the contractions were double peaking, and only 30 second breaks.
I was honestly SOOOOOO exhausted. I kept thinking okay that means we are getting close! So I wanted my midwife to check
and tell us that we were almost done!


Okay so after 20 hours of all natural labor, I was TOTALLY exhausted. I couldn’t believe how
intense the contractions were. So then the midwife came in and checked, and I was still only 5 cm!
We were in shock! I totally thought I was 9 or 10 cm dilated! I couldn’t believe I was only halfway there.
At that point I thought there is no way I can keep going AND then still have any energy left to
push her out.

After a long talk between our birth team, we decided trying a SMALL dose of pitocin
could help speed the labor up! At first it was SOOO disappointing because we wanted
to do an all natural birth SO bad! Like literally spent months preparing and taking all the classes!
But honestly after 20 hours my body was absolutely exhausted and the pain was just so intense!
So we started the pitocin drip, I was at first REALLY nervous that the contractions,
would get even more INTENSE and it would be unbearable. But after 2 hours they weren’t
any more intense than they already were. However this really made me think OMG
if they are still this painful and Im only 5cm how the heck can I handle them
when I am 10cm?! All of this of course was going on in my head
and I kept just breathing through every contraction, staying calm.

I remember thinking well my sister had pitocin and went from 5cm to 10cm in like 2 hours, so
maybe mine will just really speed up and then it will be over! After the 2 hours of pitocin
my midwife checked me again, and yet still only 5cm. I again couldn’t believe the pitocin
hadn’t helped me progress at all! So after 22 hours of labor I decided I really really wanted
the epidural! It was such a struggle mentally, I had really wanted this all natural birth and yet
we were doing yet another intervention. BUT because I was so exhausted and the contractions
were still SUPER intense I needed some relief.

So I got the epidural. Let me tell ya, having a contraction DURING the epidural was loads of fun!
Ha but once it was in, there was INSTANT relief! I was sooooo nervous about getting one,
so afraid it would take away something from our birth experience, but honestly for me in this
situation it was exactly what I needed. It allowed my body to rest and get some relief.

After 24 hours my midwife checked me again, STILL only five cm! My body just wasn’t progressing.
So they brought a doctor in and we started talking about having a C-section. At first David and I were in SHOCK!
What a c-section?! This is the total opposite of our birth plan! We wanted to do this naturally SO bad!
24 hours of my water being broken, and being checked so many times, we knew the possibility of infection was pretty great.
It was very disappointing at first, we couldn’t believe it. But then I kept thinking, well you know
we have LITERALLY tried everything! I was 2 weeks past my due date and had labored for 24 hours.
I didn’t feel guilty or have any regrets. Obviously I wish I would have progressed further but I knew
we really really gave it our all! The 24 hours were honestly such a great experience,
I was just so glad I got to have those moments with David.

So after agreeing this was the next best step, at 8:00am they got me prepped for the C-section.
I was super nervous. This was MAJOR surgery and we did NOT take it lightly, but the doctor and hospital staff
were AMAZING! They talked us through every step and David was with me the whole time!
When we got into the OR I could still feel more than I should have been able to, so they had to kick David out and
do a spinal tap. I was immediately numb from the waist down, unfortunately the side effect, was NAUSEA! They brought David
back in and started to perform the c-section. I started feeling SO SICK and starting throwing up. I also had a fever so they had to give me something
bring down my fever.

Honestly as intense as the nausea was, David helped me so much! He played worship music on his phone
and put it right next to my ear while they did the surgery. It helped keep me calm. It reminded
me that even though our birth was totally different than what we wanted, God was still in control
and we were taken care of!

At 8:47 am on August 25th I heard the most beautiful sound of our daughter crying!
Annabelle Marie Haley was born.
They layed her on my chest and it was an amazing moment I will never forget!


After she was born David went with the nurses to the nursery to weigh and check on Annabelle.
I was still really sick from all the drugs and kept throwing up. They wheeled me into my room,
and I immediately starting getting the shakes! It was the craziest thing, and honestly
the most exhausting part of the whole process! My entire body was tense, teeth chattering, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.
It was almost like a seizure or something? Because they had pumped me full of so many drugs, my body
was trying to deal with it, and this was unfortunately one of the side effects.

Thankfully after about 3 hours the shaking wore off and I was able to breathe on my own
without the oxygen mask and I was able to sit up and feel “somewhat” normal.
Because of my fever and my water being broke for that long, I was on antibiotics
for about 4 days and as a precaution they wanted to make sure Annabelle didn’t have
an infection, so she was on antibiotics for a week. So we stayed in the hospital an additional 7 days.

As intense as the WHOLE process was and as different from our birth plan as it was, HA, it was honestly
an amazing experience! I am SOOOO glad David and I took the Bradley classes! They helped keep me relaxed
the whole time, even with the medical interventions, David and I still made informed decisions and nothing
was forced on us. We knew our options and felt confident with every choice. I still want to try and have
an all natural VBAC  the next go round, I feel like if I can get through this I can do anything! But that’s
going to be a long ways away, ha! I need some time to recover and get my body back ;)


Being in the hospital a week after the birth, helped me recover from the c-section. It was
major surgery and I definitely needed the help from the hospital staff and David! I didn’t get out of
bed for the first 24 hours and even walking was difficult the first couple of days, but I had a great support team!
After everything else went NOT according to plan, HA I was really nervous that breastfeeding would be so hard!
But Annabelle latched right away and honestly breastfeeding has been great!
So far so good, and she’s feeding great! All in all our birth was a great experience and I absolutely LOVE being a momma!
Annabelle is amazing and even with the lack of sleep, it’s worth all the changes.

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 1.20.57 PM
Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.07.28 PM

Here’s a video collage I put together if you want to see more pics from our birth!

Annabelle’s Baby Nursery

We finally finished the Nursery! WHEW that took a while! Slowly but surely we put the final touches
on Annabelle’s room. I absolutely LOVE how everything turned out, and the Coral, Grey Chevron and Gold
accents work perfectly together.

I looked FOREVER to find the perfect glider, I originally wanted more of  the recliner look.
But with the $500 price tag and 12 weeks for shipping my logical husband finally convinced
me this $185 from Target would be just as perfect! And I have to say I LOVE it! I’m so glad we didn’t spend a crazy
amount on the glider, it will prob end up with baby poo and drool on it anyway HA! And best part is, it’s
super comfy! I love just rocking in it, imagining holding our little girl.

Part of the reason I love the nursery so much, is all the crafts and handmade items!
My sister refinished and painted the changing table dresser, I painted all the picture frames, and
all of the hairbands were made from guests at my Baby Shower!

Hairbands everyday for little Annabelle! HA! I LOVE all the hair accessories and they look great on display, my
sister custom made this headband holder. It’s so special to know that all my lady friends crafted the hairbands at my shower.
Annabelle is going to be so cute, rockin them!

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 4.01.12 PM
I purchased cheap plain wood frames from Hobby Lobby and painted them. I loved that I was able to customize the frames
to match the color theme. And our Maternity Pictures look so perfect in them! To see more from our
Maternity session CLICK HERE.

Here’s the before and after of the dresser my sister redid! Furniture makeovers are not my thing, I do better
with small projects. So I was absolutely blown away with the transformation of the dresser! I knew I didn’t
want a typical changing table, that Annabelle would grow out of. I wanted a piece of furniture she could use in her
big girl room too! My sis bought this wood dresser off Craigslist, replaced the knobs and painted it Coral.
I’m obsessed! It’s my favorite piece in the whole nursery! Didn’t she do an amazing job?!


Okay let’s talk Baby Bedding. Originally I registered for a custom bedding set on Etsy that was Coral & Mint. BUT
I just couldn’t justify spending $350! So I searched high and low for a less expensive set, but alas I couldn’t find anything
that I liked. So I pieced it together, and LOVE the final result. I really wanted a Coral Ruffle Crib skirt, so I bought
a plain WHITE one from Target, and dyed it using RIT dye. Well let me clarify my sister dyed it and I watched and cheered her on! HA
I’ve gotten pretty good at that being prego! I was nervous the dye color wouldn’t match but it came out perfect! Next I bought the
Grey Chevron Crib Sheet from Buy Buy Baby. The Crib Bumper was from Amazon and I just tied on some coral ribbon to the
outside of the crib.

I handmade the Crib Mobile, to check out my Step by Step Tutorial CLICK HERE. It was a lot of work but only cost me $5.00 in materials!
And I know Annabelle will just love staring up at the colorful pom poms, gosh darn it! The “Follow that Dream” print &
flag garland were both given to us as gifts from my Baby Shower.

I bought this beautiful white Oval frame from Hobby Lobby then added some Coral ribbon.
The cursive “a” was in black also from Hobby Lobby but I wanted it to have a little more pizazz! So I painted
it gold then modge podged glitter on top of it! Super easy and I love the feminine touch it gives the room.

Anybody see Little Foot?! Yes that’s a dinosaur next to Annabelle’s crib. It’s actually David’s from when he was
a little tike! I LOVE that Annabelle will have a toy passed down from her dad!


Who doesn’t love itty bitty sweaters and moccasins?! My sister (can you tell Annabelle is her first niece?!)
won these Freshly Picked moccasins on an instagram contest!
They’re so cute, they might just have to be for display only! HA sorry Annabelle.

At my Baby Shower we had all the guests bring a book instead of a card. So now we have a start to her
library and they are all signed on the inside from our friends and family! I can’t wait to read these to our little girl!


I hope that our nursery can show that you can still have the room you want for a price that works with any budget!
I had to make some compromises and do some thrifty projects by hand, BUT it makes the room that much more special.

Coral Curtain: Bed Bath & Beyond $20.00
Grey & White Glider: Eddie Bauer through Target $185.00
Grey & White Toy Chest: Marshalls $30.00
WHITE Ruffle Crib Skirt: Target $25.00
(I dyed the crib skirt coral)
Chevron Crib Bumper: $30.00
Chevron Crib Sheet: Buy Buy Baby $10.00

Now all we need is our sweet Baby! Due date has come and gone, so hoping she will be here soon :)


Baby Shower


My amazing sister threw me the best Baby Shower, last month! I could not have been more overwhelmed
with love and happiness for our little Annabelle. Every detail was perfect! You might recognize the painted door
from our Gender Reveal Party. She hand painted it JUST to match the shower, she’s so great!


As if planning the shower, making every decoration and just being an awesome Aunt wasn’t enough. My sister also refinished
this adorable dresser for Annabelle’s nursery too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The coral matches her room perfectly!
She repainted 6 of the handles gold and then purchased three new ones from Hobby Lobby.
It was so perfect as a welcome table for the shower, holding David & I’s baby pictures!
DSCF8511 DSCF8514
All of the food was so yummy! We had a great variety of healthy snacks and some not so healthy cake & ice-cream! Yum-O!


One of my favorite parts of the shower, was the Headband Craft Station! Guests got to grab a glue gun,
a headband and pick a flower and put it together! It was a great conversation starter, and the best
part is Annabelle now has a TON of adorable handmade headbands from her favorite ladies! So Special.


  Don’t they look adorable in her room? My sister also crafted these two custom headband holders.

My dog Rusty of course had to be right in the middle of the present opening! He’s going to be Annabelle’s BFF!
Look at the itty bitty clothes!! OMG you guys, baby clothes are soooo cute!!






I was so happy to be surrounded by my amazing friends and family! I even had my Aunt surprise me all the way from North Carolina!!
Annabelle is already so loved! The day went by so fast but was so full of laughs and “OO’s & Ahh’s” over the little tiny
baby clothes! I can’t thank everyone enough!



Thank you so much to my amazing friends and family for showing Annabelle so much love!
It means the world! The shower was more than I had ever expected!



Maternity Pictures

I can’t believe we are soooo close to meeting our little baby girl! A couple of weeks ago
we had some maternity pictures taken and I am absolutely obsessed! They came out amazing, can’t wait
to frame them and hang in Annabelle’s room.

I was 34 weeks when we had these pictures taken.

IMG_3131 copy

I tear up every time I look at these pictures. After 3.5 years of struggling with infertility, I am reminded how faithful
God is and how he has seen us through the whole time! We are beyond blessed and I know our little
Annablle has been prayed over long before she was ever in my belly. Can’t wait to see God’s plan for her life.

You can read more about our pregnancy journey here {CLICK HERE}.

“For this child I have prayed, and the Lord has granted my request.” 
1 Samuel 1:27

IMG_3294 copy

IMG_3069 bwcopy 2 IMG_3106 copy IMG_3119 copy IMG_3126 copy
IMG_3156 copy 2 IMG_3185 copy

IMG_3314 copy

I just have to brag on David for a minute. Not only has he been amazing through this whole pregnancy, gone to every appointment & has his own list of questions,
but also attended the million birthing classes I signed us up for haha! Between the 12 weeks of Bradley Method classes (all natural birthing method)
and the 6 childbirth  education classes at our hospital, I feel like we should be baby experts by now! HA

But David has come with a smile on his face and excited to learn! I am so blessed, this pregnancy has brought us so much closer together
and I feel like we have learned so much as a married couple. I know we are going to have a whole new adventure coming so soon,
and I already feel so blessed to have such an awesome partner! I can’t wait to see David
as a Dad, I know he is going to be amazing and set such a great example of a Godly man for Annabelle to look up to.

IMG_3190 copy IMG_3260 copy IMG_3286 copy
IMG_3312 copy
IMG_3330 copy IMG_3342 copy
Come on August 11th! We are so close to meeting our little girl.

Photography: Daydream Design
If you’re in the Jacksonville, FL area and locking for a great photography, Meghan is amazing!




Jamie Eason Pumpkin Protein Pancakes




This is one of my favorite pancake recipes! Super yummy and packed full of protein,
what’s not to love?!

I wanted to share with my readers one of Jamie Eason’s Recipes, from
I often reference her recipes, after completing the Live Fit 12 week challenge, they are super easy and delish! is a great resource for recipes and FREE workout programs!









Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 12.39.49 PM

{optional} top with sliced bananas
Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 12.39.43 PM


-1.5 cups of Oat Flour
-2 tbsp of splenda ( I usually substitute with 1 tbsp of raw honey)
-1 tbsp of baking powder
-1/2 tsp of salt
-1 tsp of cinnamon
-4 egg whites (I use 3 whole eggs)
-1/2 cup of raw pumpkin (make sure its not the pumpkin pie mix)
-1 1/2 cups of almond unsweetened milk
-1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

1.Preheat skillet to medium heat.
2.Mix all dry ingredients first.
3. In a seperate bowl mix all wet ingredients.
4.Add your wet ingredients to your dry and mix.
5. Spoon mixture onto skillet.
6. Cook 3-5 minutes per side.


1 serving is two pancakes. I like to top mine with greek yogurt + cinnamon + walnuts.

 Ive also made this recipe substituting sweet potato instead of pumpkin and they are just as good.
If you are cooking for 2 people, just reduce all ingredients by about half.

If you don’t want to top with greek yogurt mixture, I would also suggest an organic maple syrup.

 Happy Cooking!

DIY Baby Mobile

So I haven’t done a DIY tutorial in I don’t like over a year?!
But don’t worry kids, I’m back!

With only 2 more months till Baby Annabelle gets here .. EEEEK!
My nesting is finally starting to kick in, so #projectnusery is in full swing!

We have nothing else for the room yet, HA but she will at least
have cute pom poms to stare at!

For months I have been trying to figure out a “theme” for her nursery. I wasn’t crazy
about the typical baby decor, so of course I decided to make my own. I want her room
to feel like a chic bedroom, not a baby room.

Coral + Gold + Grey = Chic Baby Room
We will also have pops of cream and mint.

Supplies Needed:
-Embroidery Hoop
-Fabric for flowers
-Twine, yarn or ribbon to wrap mobile
-hot glue gun

Total Project Cost: only $5.00! for fabric & embroidery hoop.
I had all the other supplies.

Step One (optional):
I chose for my mobile to have two layers of the embroidery hoop.
However you could just do ONE hoop and it would still be cute!

You will want your mobile layers to hang straight. Now I had a heck of time getting these badboys
to line up, UNTIL I figured out marking the 4 cross hairs and then glueing the twine to those points.
Then mark the same 4 points on the smaller hoop and glue the other end of the twine.

Make sure your 4 strands of twine or ribbon are the exact same length. This will ensure the two layers
hang straight.

I wanted one hoop to hang higher than the other, so I made the twine a little long, but you could shorten if you want.

Step TWO:
Wrap your embroidery hoop with twine.
This part is pretty easy, however it takes FOREVER! Be patient my dear, grab some
coffee and think about what an amazing mom your guna be with your handmade
mobile. Thats the only thing that counts right?! ;)

Once you’ve covered your entire hoop with twine, cut the twine and hot glue to the hoop.


A little behind the scenes, crafting is just a little messy ;)
I covered both my hoops in twine, took about an hour and a half.

Create your pom pom flowers.
Don’t freak out, theres a lot of steps for these little cuties, but trust me they don’t take too long.
I chose to have a couple different fabrics for my mobile, but
you could always do just one color.
1. Cut circles out of your fabric. They don’y have to be perfect circles.
For my size mobile each pom pom required about 14 circles of fabric.
2.Place a small dab of hot glue in the middle of your circle, then fold in half,
and then fold once more creating a triangle. These will become your “petals”.
Attach 4 “petals” to a fabric circle then three more on top.
You will end up with TWO halves of fabric pom poms.



3.Glue your string to one half, (you will use this string to attach to the hoop)
and then hot glue the other half together.
Repeat as many times as needed for pom poms.

I created 8 pom poms for my mobile. You can create more or less and choose
any fabric that matches your nursery.

Okay so now give your self a big highfive! Your almost there!

Step FOUR:
Attach your pom poms to your embroidery hoop.
Now you could do this before you wrap your hoop in twine or after. It’s up to you.
I chose to attach my pom poms BEFORE covering my hoops in twine.

 Just simply tie your thread (with your pom pom on the other end) to your hoop.
You can have each pom pom have a different length of thread so they will hang higher & lower on the mobile.
Make sure not to tie the strings too tight, in case you want to move your pom poms up or over.
Now hold up your mobile and make sure you are happy with the placement.

Yay I’m happy with my pom pom placement.
It’s the little things people, or maybe my lack of sleep but this gets me excited!
Once you have them all the desired length, I secured my tied on thread with just a little dab of hot glue.
To make sure the pom poms won’t fall off.
Hanging your baby mobile.
Now you could hang yours with ribbon or twine or clear string.
I chose to hang mine with twine. So I tied three long strands of twine to my top embroidery hoop.


And there ya have it! isn’t it beautiful?! I am just so excited to finally have a start on Annabelle’s room!


Happy Crafting!

Maternity Style :: Dressing the Baby Bump


We’ve all seen them, the CUTE LITTLE pregnant girls on Pinterest with their size 0 and ALL belly pictures!
O & heels are a must right?! Um what world is that? Give me some flip flops and a tank top please.
I am a curvy girl in general so dressing my bump has been a bit of a learning curve HA! Get it.. see what I did there?

maternity_styleSo let me start off by saying between this last year I have gone through HOLY BODY IMAGE changes!
I went from feeling chubby & uncomfortable to losing 30 pounds and gaining muscle, (finally feeling pretty
darn good in my body), to a WHOLE new CHANGE of HELLO Prego Body!

Being pregnant is a HUGE blessing that I am so thankful for, especially given our fertility struggles
over the past 3 years {READ more about that HERE}. I absolutely LOVE feeling Annabelle kick and move!

HOWEVER, with that being said,  I am not too crazy, about the heartburn, gas {sorry ladies, but let’s be real},
nausea {thankfully that is over!}, swollen feet and  not to mention I’ve gone through 3 new bra sizes! OMG literally I didn’t think
these things could get any bigger and I’m not even breast feeding yet?! Ha! I won’t even go into some of the other
fun little suprises that I LITERALLY HAD TO GOOGLE “is this normal” HA! Like seriously, women deserve an award!
Let’s just say I’m not one of the those women who “just LOVES being pregnant and feels beautiful all the time”
Um no, so far I’m feeling pretty darn unattractive ha!

photo2_maternity copy

My closet is a bit of a Bipolar Explosion right now! I have “yay I finally met my goal weight clothes”  that now can’t
even fit over my belly ha! Sad face.. but you will keep me motivated you  little tiny section! And then there’s the “maternity comfort”
& “maternity stylish” section, it’s a mix of loose dresses and tank tops & Belly Band Pants, because ya know I like to look presentable
but still feel comfortable.

Being 6 months along, I am wearing almost all Maternity clothes. But I also wear ALOT of dresses that I had pre-pregnancy, with the
Florida Heat they are the most comfortable.. Do you notice a pattern yet? How many times have I said “comfortable?!”

As much as I LOVE dresses, there’s only one issue.
It means I have to shave my legs.. OMG have you tried shaving your legs pregnant?!
It should be an olympic sport. I am sure I am a pretty sight to see trying to suck it in and crouch down, all while holding
the shower wall with one hand for balance.
HAHA its nearly impossible! And Im only 6 months! Good Lord help me.

The biggest fashion style or rule I’ve stuck to is balance. Either a Tight tank top with a loose skirt.. OR a loose fitting top
(usually with a belt above my belly) paired with a skinny jean. Can I just say that OMG how flippin comfortable are Maternity Jeans?!
I’m never going back to regular jeans HAHA!

photo3_maternity_styleMy face pretty much sums up my feelings on shaving my legs that day! HA NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

{pictured above} 
Top: TJMAX (non-maternity) Ive had it FOREVER I think I paid $9.99
Pants: H&M Mint Maternity Jeans 
My sister gave me her Mint Maternity Skinny Jeans from H&M and I LOVE them! I also have the same
pair in red and they look great paired with a black or white top.

photo 3 copy

{Pictured above}
Maxi-Skirt: Target  (non-maternity) $19.99
Tank: Target (non-maternity) $12.99
I absolutely LOVE Maxi skirts being pregnant! Like literally I have to stop myself from wearing them everyday.
There’s some days where I just don’t feel like being  constricted in pants, {ya know its asking alot for me even to put makeup on & wear clothes ha!} and so these flowy skirts are perfect!
I also love that they are non maternity so I can wear them after the baby too!

But let’s be honest, I’m guna be rockin my Maternity Jeans for a while Post-Baby ;)

{Pictured Above}
Top: Motherhood Maternity ON SALE $19.99
Pants: Motherhood Maternity ON SALE $19.99

I’ve fallen in LOVE with Motherhood Maternity! They have really great sales ALL the time!
And their clothes are so flattering. For most of my tops I try and buy a little bigger size so
they will last me the rest of the pregnancy.

Now that I am 6 months its obvious I am pregnant. No more of the lovely “awkward chubby” stage.

A little bump progression for ya! Its funny in the first trimester I couldn’t wait to have a BELLY!
And now I look back and think “O to be small again” HAHA Im still learning to Live in the Moment
and ENJOY the pregnancy journey. It’s a big change emotionally & physically but I know
everyday brings us closer and closer to our little girl!
I try to pair clothes together that accentuate my bump instead of hide it. Empire waisted shirts are
a must, and maxi skirts are super comfortable but still stylish!

Only 13 more weeks till we get to meet our baby girl! I know it will ALL be worth it :)
Come on August 11th!!

Chocolate Date Truffles



Okay guys, ready for a super easy healthy dessert?
Dessert, Mid-day snack, ya know whatever works! Dates also are a great healthy source of energy.
Ive made them a couple different ways, and you can really coat them in whatever toppings you like.

vanilla protein powder, oats, and cocoa powder coatings pictured below

healthy date dessert #eatclean #daterecipes
What I love about these is they are NO bake, SUPER easy and QUICK dessert!
Because come on, we all have things to pin, and netflix episodes to catch up on ;)

sun date

Confession time, I always see this BIG box of dates at Costco for such a great deal but never bought them becuase
I had NO IDEA what to make with dates? I immediatly thought of prunes, and the idea of making a prune dessert just
totally grossed me out HA! So I did some research (aka stalked pinterest for a couple of hours) and realized
Dates are an awesome NATURAL form of energy and super sweet too! So I found a couple of recipes and
decided to tweak my own. Thus the Chocolate Date Balls.. I mean Truffles were born
(truffles sounds a bit more classy, wouldn’t you say?!)






Chocolate Date Truffles

1 package of Dates (about 12 dates PITTED)
Blender OR Food Processor (I recommend a food processor but I used a blender and it worked just fine)
Desired Toppings: Crushed nuts, PB2 powder, cocoa powder, etc
1 scoop of  [Chocolate Muscle Milk Protein Powder]
1 CUP of all natural Peanut Butter
1/2 cup of rolled oats

1.Blend all ingredients (except for the toppings), in a blender/food processor.
2.Mixture should feel like a “dough”. Scoop out and roll into balls, pressing with palm of hand.
3.Roll each ball in desired topping. I separated each topping on an individual plate.
4.Store in refrigerator in a tupperware container.
Recipes makes about 30 truffles.

You can tweak the recipe by adding additional ingredients or toppings! Have fun!